Airgo Transport Chair 17.75 in

Wheel Chairs
SKU: 700-841

The new and improved Airgo transport chair now has more security and comfort enhancing features then ever before. Flip-back detachable arms make easier to transfer in and out, or simply get closer to a table. And, added side panels help protect from bumps and bangs along the way. Anatomically correct armrest height along with heel loops on the easy-adjust swing-away footrests make it even more secure and comfortable to sit in. Comfort-gripTM wheels provide shock absorption, better brake performance, and they’re easier to clean. Anatomically correct seat-to-armrest height for a naturally erect posture. Detachable full flip-back armrests for effortless transfer. Fold-down back for easy transportation and storage. Comfort-Grip 8" wheels, for in- and outdoor use and easy maintenance. Removable push-in swing-away footrests with tool-free adjustment of length for greater comfort. Easy-adjust footrests with heel-loops for added support and comfort. Heel-loops and seatbelt included as standard features for increased safety. Dual locking rear wheels for safe, secure transfers. Chip-resistant finishing and no sharp edges on hardware . Lightweight and compact weighing only 9.8 kg. Seat width 17 inches.

Weight: 1 kg

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