Dario Blood Glucose Monitor

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Life is easier with Dario in your pocket Diabetes is a daily challenge. A relentless rollercoaster of blood sugar changes and monitoring the impact of every meal and mood swing. And you never have a day off. Now imagine checking your blood sugar the same way you check everything else in your life – on your mobile device. With Dario™, Your Smartphone is Now Your Blood Glucose Monitor. Dario is a personalized, pocket-sized all-in-one glucose meter that lets you monitor blood sugar levels wherever you are in seconds on our easy-to-use mobile application. A compact, personalized glucose meter, including lancet and disposable test strips, lets you test sugar levels in seconds. Take this pocket-sized, all-in-one device with you wherever you go, and plug it into your smartphone or tablet to see your results. Managing Your Diabetes Dario connects to your smartphone or tablet via an easy-to-use mobile app that provides real-time and actionable information so you always know exactly where you stand and what to do next. Dario logs and tracks your sugar levels, and helps you know how your food and exercise are affecting your diabetes. Dario also alerts you and your caregivers when you need to take special action… The Dario web interface makes it easy to share your data and progress with your professional caregivers and loved ones. So whether you are newly diagnosed or living with diabetes for decades we are here to make it easier for you to thrive with diabetes.

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