Ultra Grip Folding Reacher

SKU: 704-182
This folding reach extender is a simple and effective grasping aid. Useful in and around the whole house! Folds for easy storage Rotating, anti-slip grip Use both hands for a stronger grip Adds 30" (76 cm) to your reach! No more straining to grasp objects from high shelves or bending when picking-up small objects. This folding reacher is great for users with limited mobility, flexibility and hand strength. Rotating gripping clamp – The clamp can be positioned horizontally, vertically or angled. Rubberized grip improves gripping and/ or pinching action -Supple and firm. It folds! It also has a Velcro strap making it easy to fold and store. The protrusion, over the hand grip can act as a lever to help the user bear the weight of heavier objects, with the other hand. T-hook and magnet tip provide more options for grasping metal objects and objects with straps and handles. Pistol like ‘’full-hand’’ trigger – accommodates the entire hand, comfortably. Lightweight aluminum shaft.

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